At Newark Natural Foods, we carry over 300 fresh options daily and we boast the widest organic selection in Newark. With an emphasis on Organic and Local, we do as little conventional shopping as possible. We do all of our produce buying on a seasonal basis, taking local availability, previous buying experiences, and desirability into account. We are always open to customer suggestions and invite our shoppers to share any products they think we should carry!


We invite you to come in and explore our organic and minimally-sprayed offerings!



Market Report

Below is our current market report. Our market report is our way of capturing a snapshot of what is happening in the produce world. We hope to be able to provide our shoppers with all of the current issues, surpluses, and sales that are available! In addition to these things, we want our shoppers to best understand "Why?" certain items are not available or on sale.


Honeycrisp Apples are back in season and will be hitting the shelves early next week. Expect pricing to drop steadily through the month of September.



Celery availability will be tightening over the next few weeks, so get your celery now while prices are still good at $2.99 each.



Black Mission Figs are in peak season and are looking great at a great price.



Expect to see Mango prices rise as the supply begins to tighten out of Mexico.



Pricing and quality of green, red, and black grapes continues to be excellent. Look out for an even better deal on grapes later in September.



Cucumber supplies will be extremely tight moving into September. Expect rising prices and availability issues.



Asian Pear season is starting, and we will have them in stock at the beginning of next week.



Driscoll’s Strawberries and Blueberries will be in tight supply. Expect to see some different brands that will continue to be competitive prices.



Organic Lemons out of Mexico and California will be extremely limited.



Newark Natural Foods is getting mums! Coming from TA Farms these mums will be sold in 9-inch plastic terracotta pots for $5.99 per pot. They will be available in red, orange, yellow, white, and purple.


Local Feature

We will be selling Milburn Orchard Apples throughout September and October! Right now, we have stock of large Royal Gala apples for $1.19 per pound. You can expect more varieties as the season picks up.

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