Get to Know Us

The Co-op began in 1967 as a community food buying club led by our founders, who wanted to purchase healthy and natural food directly the local farmers who grew it. As popularity increased, the Co-op officially incorporated in 1975, providing the capacity and infrastructure to serve a greater portion of the community as your local Delaware grocery store.

As the years have gone on, the Co-op has evolved and changed. However, our dedication to the founding principles of sustainable business practices, fair trade, and healthy living has never wavered.

When you support the Coop, whether as an owner or non-owner, you are using your energy and dollars to vote for a world where healthy food, local production, and ethical, sustainable business practices are central.​ Instead of purchasing from a distant corporation, you are buying from faces you see everyday - your friends, neighbors, and local community.

At the Co-op, we are committed to practicing sustainable business ethics and supporting our community and you can be part of that change with by becoming part of your local Delaware grocery store.