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Board of Stewards

Become an Integral Part of Your Co-Op

The Board of Stewards is a group of Co-Op owners that act as a bridge between the body of owners and the staff. They use this position to participate in both crafting and implementing the strategic vision of the organization.

Join a committee or run for a board seat at the annual General Membership Meeting every fall  and help ensure the future of the Newark Community Co-Op.

Click on a Board Member's Photo to Learn More about Them!
Screenshot_2020-10-26 Newark Natural Foo

Toby Hagerott


"The quality and unique items the Co-op carries, and space for the community to gather together are important to our organization in many ways."

Screenshot_2020-10-26 Newark Natural Foo

Jerry Dorsman

Vice President

"I want to ensure that our Co-op continues to provide a wide variety of high quality foods at the most affordable prices."

Screenshot_2020-10-26 Newark Natural Foo

Nancy Willing


"I joined the Co-op community while a college student in the 70s, seeking to better understand alternatives to 20th Century norms for nutrition, lifestyles, healing practices, health and spirituality. "

Screenshot_2020-10-26 Newark Natural Foo

Rachel Brewer

Member at Large

'I am a dirt loving, community minded, outside of the box thinker. who has grown organically (both personally and as a farmer) for the last 10 years as a member of the co-op."


Sarah Grantham

Member at Large

"My favorite part of the store is the bulk section, as I am trying to reduce my plastic waste and lessen my footprint."

Screenshot_2020-10-26 Newark Natural Foo

Tom Paduano

Member at Large

"I believe that we can continue to create local economic resiliency and sustainability with the Co-op, the Farmers Market, and the Newark community. "


Rebecca Northrop

Member at Large

"I have been coming to Newark Natural Foods since I was a kid and have seen many versions of the retail shop space and the growing community that supports the mission."


Scotty Hartman

Member at Large

"I believe it is a civic responsibility to promote and participate in activities that improve the wellbeing of our communities."

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