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Co-op Newsletter 4/03/24

Dear Members,

Here at the co-op we strive to be more than just a grocery store and to connect with our community in any way we can. Recently, that effort has manifested itself in a partnership with Newark’s newest Rotary club, Newark STAR Rotary.

Rotary is a global service organization dedicated to promoting integrity and advancing world understanding, goodwill, and peace. Rotary’s longest, most famous endeavor has been the fight to eradicate polio worldwide. The organization’s other causes include promoting peace, providing clean water, supporting education, saving mothers and children, growing local economies, and protecting the environment.

Chartered in January 2023, Newark STAR Rotary builds upon Rotary International’s values of service, fellowship, diversity, integrity, and leadership with core values central to our shared purpose and drives to create a welcoming environment for all who wish to join in the club’s efforts. I’ve been a member of NSR since its establishment and the co-op has been able to support the club in a variety of ways. Last April, we partnered with the club for an Earth Day Clean-up. More recently, the club and the co-op partnered with the Friends of the Newark Public Library to execute a book sale to support the building of the new library. This month, co-op members can support the club’s efforts by donating to the Newark STAR Rotary Foundation through our Register Round-up Program.

I’ve had a wonderful experience with the Rotary so far, and I hope to continue to build relationships with organizations and individuals in our community. The greater Newark community is the heart of our co-op, and the reason we do what we do. It is a pleasure and a privilege to connect with all who share commitment to the cooperative values that set us apart from your average grocery store.

All the Best,

Catherine Hallman


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