Board of Stewards

Our Newest Board Member Could be...YOU!

From the Board Secretary:

On behalf of the Board of Stewards, I wish to announce that an Interim Election is to be held at the Newark Natural Foods June 24th Store Meeting at 7 p,m. on ZOOM.

Candidate letters of intention to run for the Board are currently being accepted - please consider entering your name in the election!

In order to be placed on the ballot, letters of intent must be sent by June 4th to the attention of the Board Secretary at the email address: BoS@Newark.Coop, or by a letter dropped off in the store at the Customer Service Desk.

Any member in good standing may submit a letter to get on the ballot or may also be nominated from the "virtual floor" during the June ZOOM meeting.

We were sorry to accept the resignations of Stewards Fanilda Shaw and Matt Palsgrove this month. We are thankful that Matt will be staying on in service as the Co-op's Treasurer until such time as a new Treasurer would be voted in.

As we bid a fond farewell to our beloved colleagues and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors, we are excited to welcome the next new complement of the Board. 

Please consider entering your name as a candidate!

And members, be sure to join us at our June 24th Store Meeting or vote at the store via a proxy vote during the week ahead of the election.

Please See our Calendar of Events for the Meeting details!

Because Newark Natural Foods is the only Delaware grocery store that is also a cooperative, we have a Board of Supervisors as a well as a General Manager. Learn about the upcoming board election below.