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Board of Stewards

A Note from the President

From the Board President:

Attention Members: 

On behalf of the Board of Stewards, I'm writing to inform you that, as of July 12, 2021, Beth Chavez has resigned her position as General Manager at Newark Natural Foods Co-Op. She served as our General Manager for about one and a half years and she will be missed. But there is some good news. Beth has agreed to stay on as a part-time employee and assist us with various managerial tasks in the interim as we search for a new GM.

Also at this time, the Board of Stewards has started our search for a new General Manager. We’re now advertising for the position.

Meanwhile, the Board has begun working in collaboration with our current department managers. They have formed an interim management team that will take over operations. I'm happy with this result. I feel confident that the Co-Op is in capable hands as we move forward into a new fiscal year.  

Jerry Dorsman, President 

Board of Stewards 

Newark Natural Foods Co-Op

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