Meet the Board

Jerry Dorsman - President

I joined the Board of Stewards of Newark Natural Foods because I care about this organization’s ongoing success. I want to ensure that our Co-op continues to provide a wide variety of high quality foods at the most affordable prices. I’m also committed to recommending and offering healthy foods that meet a broad spectrum of dietary needs. I’ve been a member of the Co-op since 1982 and do 90% of my food shopping at this store. I have a background in marketing, professional writing, and business management that may be helpful to our Board.

Toby Hagerott - Vice President

I have been involved with the Co-op as a vendor at the farmers market sponsored by the Co-op for many years. The quality and unique items the Co-op carries, and space for the community to gather together are important to our organization in many ways. I have had the pleasure of seeing the Co-op grow and decided it was time to run and become apart of the Board of Stewards. My education and background have given me skills in graphics, planning, design, and small business management. Looking forward to the future and what it may bring!

Matthew Palsgrove - Treasurer

I serve on the Board of Stewards because the cooperative gives my community the choice to shop for local and organic groceries. As someone who values a healthy lifestyle as a top priority, I believe that a healthy diet is the foundation to success in all aspects of life. The Newark Co-op is an extraordinary venue, because it not only offers wholesome choices of foods but also a place for people to feel rooted in a community that cares about their wellbeing.

I graduated from Salisbury University in 2012 with degrees in both Accounting and Information Systems. I currently work in the Risk Advisory Department at Clearview Group, a full-service accounting and consulting firm in Owings Mills, MD. I have recently taken an interest in growing my own food which I consider a valuable life skill. I am fortunate to serve on the Board of Stewards with so many knowledgeable farmers that have great tips to help me develop my gardening skills.

Nancy Willing - Secretary

I joined the Co-op community while a college student in the 70s, seeking to better understand alternatives to 20th Century norms for nutrition, lifestyles, healing practices, health and spirituality. I still don't know all of the answers but I enjoy belonging to a community that questions the status quo. And I love serving as NNF Board Secretary. 

In other 'jobs', I currently serve as President of the Civic League for New Castle County, I am a Board Director of the preservation-oriented Revolutionary War organization W3R-DE, and I author a local blog called the Delaware Way. 

Rachel Brewer

Rachel is a dirt loving, community minded, outside of the box thinker. She has grown organically (both personally and as a farmer) for the last 10 years as a member of the co-op. Ever thankful for the advice and support she receives at any trip to the store or during the Farmers Market, Rachel has grown to love fellow members as part of her own family. She’s looking forward to hearing from members on how best she can serve the Co op. 

Sarah Grantham

I have been shopping at the store since we moved to Newark a few years ago, and I love all of the options that are provided for people with all kinds of dietary restrictions, as well as sourcing locally when possible.  My favorite part of the store is the bulk section, as I am trying to reduce my plastic waste and lessen my footprint.  I also love being able to come to the farmers market and support local vendors. I have served on the boards of nonprofit organizations, and am excited to branch out into corporate governance and to support the Co-Op and our community. 

Tom Paduano

For several years I have been part of the community of farm vendors at the Co-op Farmers Market. I believe that we can continue to create local economic resiliency and sustainability with the Co-op, the Farmers Market, and the Newark community. I’m honored to serve on the Board of Stewards and to utilize my years of experience of growing and selling farm fresh food as a representative for the Co-op Membership.

Moniece Redmond

I serve on the Board of Stewards because Newark Natural Food Co-op is an integral part of my family's values.  We have been shopping at the Co-op for over a decade and it is one of our favorite places to be.  Everyone is welcoming and helpful.  It provides opportunities to share. My career background is banking and I have a small business; however my passion is in connecting resources and people.  I find value in community and would like to serve in a outreach capacity.

Fanilda Shaw

I joined the Board of Steward of Newark Natural Foods because I have a passion for a healthy lifestyle and community development.  I believe that people need to be empowered to make the healthy choice the easier choice by creating access to information and healthy foods. In addition to my passion for the mission of the Co-op I bring to the table my education which includes a Master in Agribusiness and Marketing, and  B.S in Community Development with more than 20 years of experience in community initiatives and organizational development strategies. I would also love to contribute with my multi-cultural perspective which is critical to embrace and leverage the richness that comes from different thinking and cultures. I am particularly interested in looking at the power of healthy food to not only create physical wellness but also how food can connect us like no other thing on this earth.


I believe that being part of the food industry is a good place to be “people will always have to eat”, so we always will have a demand, and specifically for the Co-op the opportunity for growth and impact is enormous as the demand for healthy products continues to increase and people are more conscious about how food impacts health. I want to be part of the new era for the Co-op and contribute to transform our communities by creating more access to healthy foods. 


Last year I quit my job of 14 years to start my own business. Best thing ever! A lot of work, but I love it... My previous job helped me to develop big wins but put me in a small cage. My business is allowing me to fly high, where there are no limits. So yes, I will also bring my entrepreneurial spirit in everything that I do.


Lastly, I would like to share my most significant asset, a quality that I did not learn in school, university, or previous jobs. A trait that I learned from my mother, which is my positive attitude that drives everything I do in life. I live the saying, "If there is a will, there is a way." I do not get overwhelmed by challenges; in fact, they fuel my creativity. I am very honored to serve as part of this board. 


209 Newark Shopping Center
Newark, DE 19711


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