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Meet the Board

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Toby Hagerott - President

I have been involved with the Co-op as a vendor at the farmers market sponsored by the Co-op for many years. The quality and unique items the Co-op carries, and space for the community to gather together are important to our organization in many ways. I have had the pleasure of seeing the Co-op grow and decided it was time to run and become apart of the Board of Stewards. My education and background have given me skills in graphics, planning, design, and small business management. Looking forward to the future and what it may bring!

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Jerry Dorsman - Vice President

I joined the Board of Stewards of Newark Natural Foods because I care about this organization’s ongoing success. I want to ensure that our Co-op continues to provide a wide variety of high quality foods at the most affordable prices. I’m also committed to recommending and offering healthy foods that meet a broad spectrum of dietary needs. I’ve been a member of the Co-op since 1982 and do 90% of my food shopping at this store. I have a background in marketing, professional writing, and business management that may be helpful to our Board.

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Nancy Willing - Secretary

I joined the Co-op community while a college student in the 70s, seeking to better understand alternatives to 20th Century norms for nutrition, lifestyles, healing practices, health and spirituality. I still don't know all of the answers but I enjoy belonging to a community that questions the status quo. And I love serving as NNF Board Secretary. 

In other 'jobs', I currently serve as President of the Civic League for New Castle County, I am a Board Director of the preservation-oriented Revolutionary War organization W3R-DE, and I author a local blog called the Delaware Way. 

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Rachel Brewer

Rachel is a dirt loving, community minded, outside of the box thinker. She has grown organically (both personally and as a farmer) for the last 10 years as a member of the co-op. Ever thankful for the advice and support she receives at any trip to the store or during the Farmers Market, Rachel has grown to love fellow members as part of her own family. She’s looking forward to hearing from members on how best she can serve the Co op. 


Sarah Grantham

I have been shopping at the store since we moved to Newark a few years ago, and I love all of the options that are provided for people with all kinds of dietary restrictions, as well as sourcing locally when possible.  My favorite part of the store is the bulk section, as I am trying to reduce my plastic waste and lessen my footprint.  I also love being able to come to the farmers market and support local vendors. I have served on the boards of nonprofit organizations, and am excited to branch out into corporate governance and to support the Co-Op and our community. 

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Tom Paduano

For several years I have been part of the community of farm vendors at the Co-op Farmers Market. I believe that we can continue to create local economic resiliency and sustainability with the Co-op, the Farmers Market, and the Newark community. I’m honored to serve on the Board of Stewards and to utilize my years of experience of growing and selling farm fresh food as a representative for the Co-op Membership.


Rebecca Northrop

I have been coming to Newark Natural Foods since I was a kid and have seen many versions of the retail shop space and the growing community that supports the mission. For some years now I have turned my career towards local foods, raised and sold in ways that care for the land, the consumer, and the larger ecosystem. I am currently the Harvest and Sales Director for Flying Plow Farm; I also teach yoga in and around Newark and am so pleased to be able to serve on the Board of Stewards.


Scotty Hartman

I believe it is a civic responsibility to promote and participate in activities that improve the wellbeing of our communities. As all successful organizations require leadership and governance, it is a privilege to serve as a steward for the Co-op. I hope my involvement will contribute to the growth and success of NNF and to making our community an even better place to live. 

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