Our Mission

We, the members of the Newark Community Cooperative will lead cultural transformation by nurturing economic, ecological, and social sustainability in the greater Newark community by:


Empowering healthy and sustainable living.


Promoting a stronger and more resilient local economy with an emphasis on local production.


Connecting with our community and welcoming all.


Maintaining our commercial viability.


Fostering food security through greater access, affordability and ethical practices.


Cooperation is the key.

Overarching Vision

At Newark Natural Foods, we have a lot of goals and visions for the future. We created an entire vision statement which lays out some of our long term goals over the next ten years! 

Economic Resilience

Goal: Build on our core competencies as natural-food grocers and extend the reach of our cooperative business.

Opportunity: Continual improvement and success of the natural food co-op as it is the economic engine that makes all other    co-op programs possible. We are committed to meeting the needs of our community through operational excellence, continuous organizational improvement, and prudent financial management.

Over the next 10 years we will:

  • Continue to build strong member-owner/customer relationships.

  • Improve our ability to exceed our member-owners’ customer service expectations.

  • Implement innovative business strategies that complement our store.

  • Live our cooperative values as an organization and promote within the community.

  • Improve overall resource management and the energy efficiency of our store.

Empowered Workplace

Goal: Cultivate a work environment that generates staff engagement and models excellent employment practices.

Opportunity: Creating a supportive work environment and recognizing the dignity of all work is of paramount importance to our Co-op. For the benefit of our entire Co-op community, we are committed to cultivating an engaged, satisfied, and dedicated staff energized by co-operative values.

Over the next 10 years we will:

  • Compensate our staff well and continue to offer affordable, comprehensive benefits, allowing a flexible approach to employment that balances work, family, and personal goals.

  • Implement a comprehensive training system that includes natural foods, the co-operative business model, and ongoing customer service training.

  • Inspire staff at all levels of the Co-op with strategic activities in pursuit of our goals.

  • Cultivate a workplace that reflects and embraces our diverse community.

Equitable Food Access

Goal:  Committing in the work that Co-op’s across the country have been doing over the years, which is building social justice and sustainability in the food system. Embrace the diversity of our community and take the initiative to make high-quality, nutritious, culturally appropriate, and affordable food more accessible to all.

Opportunity: Healthy and nutritious food is a right, not a privilege, but economic conditions, cultural differences, and geographical distance all pose potential barriers. We are committed to breaking down barriers and addressing misconceptions in order to ensure that high-quality affordably priced food is accessible to all.

Over the next 10 years we will:

  • Ensure a shopping experience that is welcoming to an economically, ethnically, and culturally diverse customer base.

  • Expand upon programs to educate people of all ages and all walks of life about the value of healthy food and the benefits that it can offer.

  • Develop innovative strategies and partnerships within the community to overcome the barriers that limit people’s access to healthy food.

Local Foods Incubator

Goal: Collaborate in the development of a vibrant local/regional food production and distribution system.

Opportunity: Expanding the food production and distribution network locally and regionally is central to our vision for a sustainable food system. We are committed to being a cornerstone of the local food economy, helping to ensure that our community and region is capable of feeding itself.

Over the next 10 years we will:

  • Commit energy and resources to developing a vibrant, economically viable incubator that grows, processes, manufactures, and distributes food in our region.

  • Invest capital in local and regional natural-food enterprise.

  • Foster the development of local, regional, fair trade, organic, and cooperatively owned businesses.

Community Engagement

Goal: Engage with the community to build strategic partnerships and effectively tell our story.

Opportunity: Our Co-op has a long history of community engagement and support for the good work others are doing in the community. We are committed in becoming an increasingly visible leader, taking a more active approach to cultivating relationships, and to successfully communicating our values, strategic vision, and accomplishments.

Over the next 10 years we will:

  • Deliver consistent messages to shoppers and external audiences that highlight our Co-op’s vision, values, and accomplishments.

  • Actively develop partnerships with values-oriented businesses and other organizations to achieve our long-range goals.

  • Implement innovative methods for reaching target audiences with our key messages.

  • Leverage the principles and values of the Co-op in our approach to community engagement.

Stewardship & Advocacy

Goal: Energize and engage our member-owners to gain support for positive change around core issues that affect the Co-op and the community’s future.

Opportunity: Our member-owners share an interest in sustaining access to high-quality, nutritious food. We are committed to articulating the connections between this shared value and the issues that directly impact it, mobilizing member-owners to create change at the local, national, and global level.

Over the next 10 years we will:

  • Pro-actively influence local, national, and global decisions that ultimately affect our business by identifying and articulating timely, relevant issues and actions.

  • Implement strategies, communication systems, and opportunities for action to engage member-owners, serving as a trusted source of information while honoring the diversity of our community and member-owners.

  • Be a community leader in promoting the growth of sustainable agriculture, energy efficiency and resource conservation.

  • Forge alliances with regional food cooperatives and build community partnerships, to leverage our impact.

Online – Mobile Healthy Food Delivery

Goal: Become the brand leader in the grocery-health food home delivery services in the greater Newark area while building upon social justice and sustainability in the food distribution system

Opportunity: To make healthy food available to a diverse spectrum of people to the co-op’s core values and community partnerships, healthy products that we offer and, as a result, potentially gain new member-owners, who will receive a discount in exchange for their membership. With the addition of mobile store-fronts, online ordering and home delivery as options, it opens up the co-op to a larger and more diverse base of customers.
Member-owners will simply be able to enter a number through the online platform to receive their discount when shopping online.

Over the next 10 years we will:

  • Pro-actively strive to influence local, democratic and, community control over our food system.

  • Through nutritional education programs, we can work toward improving the current food systems in neighborhoods that are undeserved by organizing and engaging in direct actions with neighborhood non-profits, local and state agencies to benefit low income, people of color and, senior communities that do not have equitable access to healthy food options in their communities.

  • Make serious strides to create a food system that places the welfare of people over the drive for profits, the reality is that a just food system must be rooted in a move towards a food system for all. Without open and honest conversations, which lead to actions, there can be no food justice without social justice and we are in a position to help lead the change within the communities that we serve.

Our Hours
Mon-Sat 8 AM - 8 PM (cafe closes at 8 PM)

Sunday 9 AM - 7 PM (cafe closes at 7 PM)

On Tuesdays and Thursdays the first two hours

(8 AM to 10 AM) will be reserved for shoppers who are at a higher risk of severe illness including older adults and those who have compromised immune systems.

Contact us: info@newarknaturalfoods.com

Have specific questions? Give us a call: 302-368-5894